Encompass Mission Trip to Haiti

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Encompass Mission Trip to Haiti

There’s an exciting event we have planned for 2017! Encompass will be hosting our first ever all-Encompass Mission Trip to Haiti. The trip is scheduled for 8/26/2017 to 9/1/2017 and we will be traveling to Haiti to work with an organization called LiveBeyond (www.livebeyond.org). LiveBeyond was founded by Dr. David Vanderpool, who is a physician and friend of our Encompass CEO April Anthony. After years to traveling to Haiti to do medical mission work, David and his wife Laurie decided they would close his practice in Nashville, TN and spend the remainder of their lives working full time in Haiti. In the process, David and Laurie have made a tremendous impact in the village they serve. They have built a clinic, a school, a guest house for traveling missionaries and a church.  In addition, they have brought fresh clean water to the area by digging water wells that are not only providing fresh drinking water to the people, but are also providing a source of irrigation to grow crops to sustain the village. LiveBeyond is making a difference in Haiti and we want to join with them in their efforts to LiveBeyond.

However, we don’t simply want to go and serve; we also want to go and train others so that our impact can be lasting. As a result, Encompass’ own Dr. Michele Carr (DPM), will be leading our team of clinicians and providing specialty wound care training to both our team members and the Haitian clinicians so that not only will you come back with greater knowledge, but we will leave the local clinicians with that greater knowledge as well.

As a result, we are looking for approximately 50 volunteers to travel to Haiti for this amazing experience. In order to serve the total needs of the organization we are seeking a balance of 20 Encompass nurses to work in the clinic, 15 Encompass therapists to work in the Johnny’s Kids program that provides on-going therapy for disabled Haitians and 10 Encompass non-clinicians (back or home office) to work in the children’s programs and the food distribution center. In addition we are looking for at least 5 physicians or PA’s that would be willing to join our efforts to work in the clinic with our team. Submissions were due January 31, 2017. The Encompass Cares grant committee along with Dr. Carr will review the applications and make final selections during the month of February, and the applicants will be notified of the selections by early March.

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