One of our defined initiatives is to make Enhabit Home Health & Hospice the best place you have ever worked. One of the elements that helps support our culture is our Enhabit Cares Foundation. We have accomplished some wonderful things through the Foundation, from sending our staff to locations around the world, to helping our local communities through projects such as fan drives and holiday toy drives. In addition, through emergency relief grants, we have been able to come to the aide of our fellow employees in their times of great need after natural disasters, or during their serious illness or death or that of an immediate family member.

As you can imagine with over 11,000 employees there are many needs that arise within our Enhabit family.  Requests for grants from the employee emergency relief fund are reviewed by a committee consisting of Enhabit employees in positions lower than director-level.  In order to qualify for a grant, applicants must submit documentation substantiating the undue hardship and the amount of the grant they are requesting. Applications without appropriate documentation will not be considered. The grant committee will have full authority over the approval of all emergency relief grants and there is no guarantee that all grant requests will be honored.

It is our hope that by expanding the mission of Enhabit Cares to include an employee emergency relief fund we will be able to better serve one another in our times of need and that in so doing you will have a greater sense of the distinctive elements of being an Enhabit employee.   Thanks to all of you who have been active supporters of Enhabit Cares.  If you have not already made your contribution to Enhabit Cares please consider doing so by contributing on line.  When we all work together even the smallest donation can make a huge difference in our world, in our community and to our co-workers.  Thank you for considering becoming a participant in the Enhabit Cares mission.