The Enhabit Cares Employee Emergency Relief Fund was established to help employees that are active at the time of their hardship and their immediate families with emergency situations beyond their control which has caused a financial hardship (immediate family for the purpose of this program is defined as legal spouse or legal dependent child).  An emergency is defined as an unforeseen circumstance that calls for immediate action and an urgent need for assistance or relief.


  • Unforeseen, life-altering serious illness or injury to yourself or immediate family member which has a significant impact on your financial situation.
  • Loss of primary residence due to a disaster.
  • Death of an employee or immediate family member which causes a financial hardship. Immediate family members are defined as legal spouse, legal dependent child (minor or full-time student up to 23 years of age), parent or current in-law parent.
  • Victim of a crime (defined as a person to which a crime has been committed against) causing a financial hardship related to a necessity. This would include severe bodily injury, domestic violence, etc.


  • Incomplete requests will not be processed. Supporting documentation is required and must be submitted with the application. Examples of documentation include:  eviction/foreclosure notices, past due utilities, police/fire report, invoice of funeral expenses, statements from health care providers or explanations of benefits from insurance indicating applicant’s out-of-pocket medical expenses; the documentation must substantiate the amount of financial assistance being requested. Documentation must be on letterhead or statement of owned party.
  • Employees must have been employed with Enhabit Home Health & Hospice for a minimum of 90 days as of the date of the emergency relief application.
  • Only one request for assistance per family, per year, (rolling 12 months) will be granted in a 365-day period.
  • Employees cannot apply for the same financial hardship more than once.


  • Requests are reviewed by the Grant Committee in the month received.
  • Employees will be notified if their grant is approved.
  • The maximum amount of assistance the fund provides is $7,500.00 per occurrence.


  • Complete the entire application, providing as much detail regarding your circumstance as possible, and submit supporting documentation with your application. Applications without supporting documentation will not be considered.